The effects of the individual, home, and community on language development in UK minority families

We are investigating the effects of home and community language and literacy environment of children from three minority groups in the UK; Chinese heritage, Caribbean heritage, and British heritage, focusing specifically on low income families.

Language knowledge and use are key predictor of school readiness, literacy development and academic attainment. Children from minority families, that is from families with low social capital and power, are more at risk of entering the formal education at an academic disadvantage. In order to successfully reduce the language gap between children from majority (white, middle class) families and minority (low income and low income plus minority ethnic) families it is essential to understand the home and community language environment (HCLE) of these underrepresented groups. By taking a holistic approach which incorporates factors pertaining to the child, the family, the home and the community, we aim to identify both protective mitigating features of the HCLE as well as risk factors.

Project Team: Thea Cameron-Faulkner (Lead) and Ludovica Serratrice

Duration: 3 years, starting September 2020

Project Number: 2.4