Abralin online lectures: How to Build a Language Acquisition Device

Prof Caroline Rowland (Director of the Language Development Department at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen), is giving one of the Abralin online lectures on Wednesday 10th November, with a discussion led by Dr Samantha Durrant (University of Manchester).

Abstract: Language is the most sophisticated communication system in the known universe, yet children learn it before they can tie their shoelaces. To study how we acquire such a complex system so quickly requires a multi-disciplinary approach, combining techniques from computer science, neuroscience, linguistics and psychology; it requires a cross-cultural approach, comparing acquisition across very different languages; and it requires a developmental approach, discovering how children’s language changes with age. In this session we cover some of the most recent findings on language development, illustrating the insights they have given us into how the brain develops and why languages differ (and why they are sometimes strikingly similar).

This lecture is designed for non-specialists so no prior knowledge of language acquisition issues/theories is required. Access the live feed here: https://aovivo.abralin.org/en/lives/caroline-rowland-2/

Date and time: Wednesday 10th November at 18.00 Central European Time

You can find out more about the Abralin lecture series here: https://aovivo.abralin.org/en/about/


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