LCICD Conference at Lancaster Babylab Draws Global Audience and Promotes Collaboration

From August 22nd to 25th, the Lancaster Babylab in the Psychology Department played host to the eighth annual Lancaster International Conference on Infant and Early Child Development (LCICD). This event marked its prominence as a leading global platform in infancy research, uniting 120 attendees from across the globe. These attendees hailed from 21 diverse countries and represented 55 different universities and institutions.

The LCICD conference presented a comprehensive program, featuring three captivating keynote presentations. Notably, one of these keynotes was delivered by Meredith Rowe, LuCiD's International Co-investigator. Complementing these presentations were 22 contributed talks and an impressive 90 thought-provoking posters, providing ample opportunities for attendees to engage with the latest developments in infancy research. The conference also offered a free pre-conference workshop on "Detecting (categorical) individual differences in developmental data: Mixture models, latent class models, and Markov models for studying change. The workshop enriched the conference's content, providing valuable learning opportunities for researchers at all career stages.

Global Perspectives in One Place

This year's LCICD conference stood out for its remarkable geographical diversity. Attendees traveled from as far afield as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and numerous other nations. This truly international gathering acted as a central hub for researchers worldwide to share ideas and insights, fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research.

What Distinguishes LCICD from Other Conferences?

LCICD 2023 embraced inclusivity by dedicating special poster sessions to support early career researchers, offering a platform for emerging talent to shine. Additionally, 20 reduced fees were granted to support scholars from underrepresented regions, underscoring LCICD's dedication to nurturing a diverse global research community.

Furthermore, LCICD took significant steps towards sustainability. The organizing committee embraced an eco-conscious approach by refraining from printing physical booklets. Instead, the £1000 allocated for printing was redirected to support Green Lancaster's ECOWild project at Lancaster University, aligning the conference with environmentally responsible practices. Additionally, the conference made an eco-friendly choice by offering exclusively vegetarian catering, reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability among participants.

LuCiD Affiliates: Bridging Insights at LCICD 2023

LCICD 2023 saw active participation from various LuCiD affiliates, contributing significantly to academic discussions and knowledge exchange. Among the attendees were two of this year's LuCiD summer interns, who had the invaluable opportunity to engage with world-leading psychologists specialising in child development. They not only listened to these experts discuss cutting-edge research methodologies and topics but also had the chance to ask questions and gain insights, reflecting LuCiD's commitment to nurturing a new generation of researchers dedicated to exploring the intricacies of infant and child development.

Behind the Scenes: Lancaster University Babylab Tour

In addition to the academic program, LCICD 2023 featured an enlightening Babylab tour that provided attendees with a hands-on exploration of the Lancaster Babylab's groundbreaking research and facilities. This tour served as a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange, enabling participants to delve deeper into the world of infant and child development research. It allowed attendees to gain insights into the innovative studies conducted at one of Europe's most well-established and prominent Babylabs, further fostering collaboration and understanding in the field.

Looking ahead, we announce that next year's event will not be held, as it coincides with the IXXIV ICIS 2024 Convergence in Glasgow, Scotland (July 8-11, 2024), just a month and a bit before LCICD would have taken place. Given the overlap and the larger scale of ICIS, it makes strategic sense for many of our attendees to converge there for an even bigger conference experience.

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