Listen to the NEW child development podcasts from Salford Cognitive Development Lab

Our clever colleagues at the University of Salford's Cognitive Development Lab have recently launched a child development podcast series. The series is aimed at parents, practitioners and academics interested in learning more about child development from experts in different fields.

Each week the Cog Dev Lab team invite a guest scientist to share some of the latest research in child development. So far, topics vary from child eating behaviours to child language development; how to support children with long-term medical conditions to what robots can tell us about child development. Catch up on all the episodes below:

Episode 1: Dr Greg Keenan - child eating behaviours

Episode 2: Dr Daniela Ghio - how to support children with long-term medical conditions

Episode 3: Dr Amy Bidgood - child language development

Episode 4: Prof Angelo Cangelosi - robots and child development

Episode 5: Dr Jamie Lingwood - how shared book reading supports language development

Episode 6: Dr Katie Twomey - how curiosity helps learning

You can also keep up to date on all the latest from Cog Dev Lab via:

Twitter: @Salford_CogDev

Facebook: @SalfordCogDev

Instagram: @salford_child_development_lab

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