LuCiD Annual Blog Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who contributed a blog to feature on the LuCiD website - the judges had a very tough time narrowing these down to their favourite three and we are delighted to announce the winners of the LuCiD annual blog prize. 

  1. Best overall blog: Ben Ambridge Evidence-based tips for boosting your child’s language development.  

  2. Best post-doc blog: Shijie Zhang How do children comprehend and produce complex sentences

  3. Best Intern/PhD student Amie Suthers What types of information children prefer to pass onto others.

Ben will be awarded £100 and Shijie and Amie will both be awarded £50 in vouchers. More good news - we will award the blog prize again for the best three blogs submitted to feature on the LuCiD website in 2023!



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