Lana Jago

Researcher (Alumni)


Liverpool John Moores University


A bit about Lana Jago

I am a post-doctoral research associate at Lancaster University. I completed my PhD as part of LuCiD at the University of Liverpool: “Predictors of individual differences and language delay in children learning English”. This focussed on looking at factors that predict why children vary in the rate they learn to speak and if these factors can be used to identify children who have a delay in language development. As part of this project, I used some of the data collected on the Language 0-5 Project run previously by LuCiD.

My research interests include individual differences in language development over time. I am interested in why children’s language skills vary across childhood. I am also interested in the relationship between children’s early language skills and their literacy attainment.

My Role in LuCiD

My role within LuCiD is as a post-doctoral research associate working on the project: From oral language to literacy: Beyond 0-5. This project will follow the children from the Language 0-5 Project as they begin school. We will examine many aspects of their literacy development and look at whether their early language development is related to their literacy development. I will carry out some of the literacy assessments and data collection as well as contributing to the production of papers.


LuCiD publications (3) by Lana Jago

Monaghan, P., Donnelly, S., Alcock, K., Bidgood, A., Cain, K., Durrant, S., Frost, R. L. A., Jago, L., Peter, M. S., Pine, J. M., Turnbull, H., & Rowland, C. F. (2023). Learning to generalise but not segment an artificial language at 17 months predicts children’s language skills 3 years later. Cognitive Psychology

Jago, L., Alcock, K., Meints, K., Pine, J., and Rowland, C. (2023). Language outcomes from the UK-CDI Project: can risk factors, vocabulary skills and gesture scores in infancy predict later language disorders or concern for language development? Frontiers in Psychology

Jago, L. (2017). Investigating predictors of individual differences in productive vocabulary and their ability to identify late talking toddlers Paper presented at the 3rd annual LuCiD Language and Communicative Development Conference, Lancaster, UK.

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