Sam Jones

Researcher (Alumni)



A bit about Sam Jones

I am a Senior Research Associate in Developmental Cognitive Psychology at Lancaster University. I completed my MA at the University of Nottingham, and my PhD at Lancaster University. My research uses computational methods (e.g. Bayesian models, neural networks) to understand neurodevelopmental disorders and language. 

My role in LuCiD

I am the postdoc working with Gert Westermann on a project using computational modelling to understand developmental language disorder (DLD). My role on this project is to build computational models (primarily artificial neural networks) that help deepen our understanding of developmental language disorder (DLD), with the broad aim of improving approaches to identification and intervention.


LuCiD publications (6) by Sam Jones

Jones, S. D., Stewart, H. J., & Westermann, G. (2023). A maturational frequency discrimination deficit may explain developmental language disorder. Psychological Review.

Jones, S.D., Jones, M., Koldewyn, K., & Westermann, G. (2023). Rational inattention: A new theory of neurodivergent information seeking PsyArXiv

Jones, S. D. & Westermann, G. (2022). Under-resourced or overloaded? Rethinking working memory deficits in developmental language disorder. .Psychological Review, 129(6), 1358–1372.

Jones, S. D., & Westermann, G. (2022). Prediction Cannot Be Directly Trained: An Extension to Jones and Westermann (2021) Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 65(10), 3930-3933.

Jones, S. D., & Westermann, G. (2021). Predictive Processing and Developmental Language Disorder Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 64(1), 181–185

Jones, S. & Westerman, G. (2021). Predictive processing and Developmental Language Disorder. JSLHR

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