Katie Alcock

Senior Lecturer

A bit about Katie Alcock

I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University. My research interests include language development, the cognitive psychology and neuropsychology of language, and the influence of health and disease on neuropsychological development.

LuCiD publications (11) by Katie Alcock

Monaghan, P., Donnelly, S., Alcock, K., Bidgood, A., Cain, K., Durrant, S., Frost, R. L. A., Jago, L., Peter, M. S., Pine, J. M., Turnbull, H., & Rowland, C. F. (2023). Learning to generalise but not segment an artificial language at 17 months predicts children’s language skills 3 years later. Cognitive Psychology

Jago, L., Alcock, K., Meints, K., Pine, J., and Rowland, C. (2023). Language outcomes from the UK-CDI Project: can risk factors, vocabulary skills and gesture scores in infancy predict later language disorders or concern for language development? Frontiers in Psychology

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Alcock, K. J., Rowland, C., & Meints, K. (2018). The UK-CDI - Inter-dialect differences in English language CDI datasets. Paper presented at the European Network Meeting - Communicative Development Inventories, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Krishnan, S., Alcock, K., Carey, D., Bergström, L., Karmiloff-Smith, A., Dick, F. (2017). Fractionating nonword repetition: The contribution of shot-term memory and oromotor praxis are different. PLoS One 12(7).

Kitsao-Wekulo, P., Holding, P., Kvalsvig, J., Alcock, K., Taylor, H. (2017). Measurement of expressive vocabulary in school-age children: Development and application of the Kilifi Naming Test (KNT). Applied Neuropsychology: Child, (8), 24-39.

Alcock, K. (2017). Production is only half the story - First words in two east African languages. Frontiers in Psychology (8), 1-14.

Alcock, K. J., Rowland, C. F., Meints, K., Christopher, A. E., Just, J., Brelsford, V., & Summers, J. (2017). Gesture screening in young infants with the UK-CDI: Highly sensitive to risk factors for communication delay. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX.

Alcock, K. J., Meints, K., & Rowland, C. (2017). Gesture screening in young infants: Highly sensitive to risk factors for communication delay. Paper presented at the International Association for the Study of Child Language, Lyon, France.

Alcock, K. J., Meints, K., & Rowland, C. F. (2017). UK-CDI Words and Gestures - Preliminary norms and manual.

Christopher, A. E., Just, J., Meints, K., Rowland, C., & Alcock, K. J. (2013). Adaptation and validation of the MacArthur-Bates CDI Gesture Scale for the UK. Paper presented at British Psychological Society, Developmental and Social Sections Conference, Reading, United Kingdom.

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