Kirsty Dunn (1)

Kirsty Dunn

Researcher (Alumni)


Lancaster University

A bit about Kirsty Dunn

Before joining the LuCiD team, I conducted my PhD at Lancaster University investigating the effects of social cues on 9 month old infants’ search performance alongside the development of infant social looking as a measure of their understanding. My postdoctoral work has focussed on the early understanding of social communication from before birth. Through a series of studies, I have been working with Professor Reid to develop ways in which we can investigate development in the techniques that we currently do postnatally, in babies that have not yet been born.  

My Role in LuCiD

I am a research associate working on a number of projects investigating word learning and category understanding from 8-month-old babies to toddlers. We are working to understand the ways in which babies first begin to meaningfully separate words from each other instead of hearing one long stream of sounds. In addition, we are investigating the effects of variability in our environment on the ways in which toddlers begin to sort objects into categories.


LuCiD publications (1) by Kirsty Dunn

Reid, V. M., Dunn, K., Young, R. J., Amu, J., Donovan, T. & Reissland, N. (2017). The Human Fetus Preferentially Engages with Face-like Visual Stimuli Current Biology 27 (12), pp 1825 -1828

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