Marta Szreder



University of Manchester

A bit about Marta Szreder

I received my MA from the University of Warsaw (English Philology, 2009) in syntactic acquisition, and my PhD from University of York (Linguistics, 2013) in phonological development. I have worked as an RA on projects investigating the acquisition of Polish syntax (Dept. of Psychology, University of Warsaw) and the interaction of production and perception in English children’s transition from babble to words (University of York Baby Lab).

My main research interest is in the emergence of phonological (word templates) and syntactic (word order) systematicity as a function of the interaction between linguistic input and the developing cognitive structure in the child. I am also interested in Complex Systems approaches to cognition, and the history and philosophy of psycholinguistic models of language acquisition - from Radical Behaviourism, to Chomskyan nativism, to connectionist models.

My Role in LuCiD

I work as a Research Assistant on WP6, WP11 and WP13, investigating the acquisition of syntax by Polish children (Morphosyntax working group), looking at children’s use and comprehension of verbal morphology and word order.