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Laura de Ruiter



University of Manchester

A bit about Laura de Ruiter

Originally from Berlin, I initially studied General and Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Potsdam (Germany), before receiving an MSc in Developmental Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. I completed my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in 2010, looking at how children use intonation to signal information structure. I then moved to Bielefeld (Germany), where I worked first as a post-doctoral researcher and later became a lecturer (for first and second language acquisition). In May 2015 I was granted an academic leave to join LuCiD as a Research Associate.

My Role in LuCiD

At LuCiD, I will investigate the role of information structure in children’s developing sentence representations, with a focus on complex sentences, using both naturalistic data and experimental methods.