Webchats with our researchers

A number of our researchers have been taken part in live webchats, where anyone could ask them burning questions about child language development. You can read the transcripts from these live chats below.  

Reading and Language Development

In their webchat, Dr Claire Noble and Dr Jamie Lingwood from the University of Liverpool discuss how children’s language development can be promoted through family-based shared reading. Read the full webchat with Claire and Jamie.

How do children learn language?

Prof Caroline Rowland, Dr Sam Durrant and Dr Michelle Peter from the University of Liverpool discuss what we already know about how children learn to talk and how the Language 0-5 project is helping us to find out more. Read the full webchat with Caroline, Sam and Michelle.

How do children learn words and how does their environment affect language learning?

Dr Silke Brandt and Dr Katie Twomey conduct lots of research with babies and infants through the Lancaster University Babylab. In their webchat they answered more questions on child language development, including how are babies able to acquire a new language and learn when a word ends and another one starts? How are categories formed in the mind of babies and are they affected by the language we use? Read the full webchat with Silke and Katie.

Baby Gestures

In her webchat Laura Boundy from the University of Manchester discusses questions surrounding baby gestures, something she is focusing on in her PhD research. Read the full webchat with Laura.