2020/21 Seminars

Year 7 Seminars

Date: Tuesday 6th October 2020, 11am
Title: Virtual bargaining: The hidden logic of joint action and communication
Speaker: Prof Nick Chater, University of Warwick

Date: Tuesday 3rd November 2020, 11am
Title: Acquisition across languages and across cultures
Speaker: Dr Alex Cristia, CNRS Paris

Date: Tuesday 1st December 2020, 11am
Title: Stability and change in developmental language disorder: implications for practice
Speaker: Prof Courtenay Norbury, University College London

Date: Tuesday 12th January 2021, 4pm
Title: Retrieval-based word learning in children with developmental language disorder (DLD)
Speaker: Prof Laurence B. Leonard

Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 11am
Venue: Online
Title: Noise and development: Infant attention in the middle of everything
Speaker: Dr Natasha Kirkham, Birkbeck

Date: Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 11am
Venue: Online
Title: How does short-term syntactic priming lead to long-term language learning?
Speaker: Dr Kate Messenger, University of Warwick

Date: Tuesday 29th June 2021, 11am
Title: The effectiveness of early language intervention
Speaker: Prof Charles Hulme, University of Oxford