Free webinar: How children learn words and how we can support the early stages of language acquisition

Prof Padraic Monaghan will lead a free online training session on how children learn words and how to best support the early stages of language acquisition as part of  Pearson's #SLTLearn. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 15th March from 10-11am. It is free but attendees must register in advance.

In learning language, children face multiple challenges in acquiring their language - from identifying words in speech, to learning what words mean, to learning the grammatical structure of language. Each of these tasks is extremely difficult, but there are lots of sources of information in children's environments to help in learning. In this webinar, Prof Monaghan will review what research tells us about how children use these sources and provide some examples of how this helps us to better promote language learning in young children.

#SLT Learn is a week-long online event run by Pearson Clinical Assessment. The talks taking place from 14th-19th March are aimed at Speech and Language Therapists and Teachers, and are designed to inform, engage and offer CPD and networking opportunities online.   

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