LuCiD Seminar: Learning the rules - the acquisition of morphological regularities in language

Dr Alissa Ferry will present the next LuCiD seminar on The acquisition of morphological regularities in language. The seminar will take place from 11.00-12.30 on Tuesday 1st November at the Lancaster University and is open to anyone wishing to attend.


Research demonstrates that infants begin learning words during the first year of life (e.g., Bergelson & Swingley, 2012). Yet, learning a language requires more than simply building a vocabulary; learners must also learn the morphological rules and regularities of their language. In a series of studies at different points of development, and using a range of behavioural and neuroimaging methodologies, I investigate how infants learn morphology. I will present research from neonates, showing the constraints humans may have on processing regularities in speech from birth. Then I will show evidence from 9- to 24-month-old Italian-learning infants demonstrating their ability to find the regularities in their language and map those regularities to the conceptual distinctions that they highlight.

Where: Lecture Theatre 06, Management School, Lancaster University

When: 11-12.30, Tuesday 1st November

Directions: Details for getting to Lancaster University can be found on their website, and Management School LT06 is building 52 on the Lancaster University Campus Map

More Information: View the poster for more information about this seminar. Find out more about our future seminars.

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