Trials and Tribulations: Applying Research to Practice

Wendy Lee, (Independent Consultant, SLT and former Professional Director of the Communications Trust), will present the next LuCiD seminar on the trials and tribulations of applying research to practice. The seminar will take place from 11.00-12.30 on Tuesday 3rd November at the University of Manchester and is open to anyone wishing to attend.


The application of research into policy and practice is the ultimate aim of many government bodies, funders, researchers and practitioner organisations. More now than at any other time, there is guidance available for practitioners to support their understanding of the latest research and encourage its application to practice. The government What Works network is part of this and aims to enable policy makers, commissioners and practitioners to make decisions based upon strong evidence.

In relation to speech, language and communication, the Communication Trust has developed a moderated library of evidenced interventions; the What Works database. Born from the Better Communication Research programme (Lindsay et al, 2012), it aims to support practitioners to take an evidence based approach to supporting children’s speech, language and communication.

With a focus on speech, language and communication, this seminar will explore some of the challenges in the application of research to practice. It will use examples from professional development initiatives and the implementation of evidence based interventions. It will also share examples of practitioner feedback during the development of the What Works database to explore the trials, tribulations and successes of applying evidence based practice into the workplace.

Where: Room 2.219, University Place, University of Manchester

When: 11.00-12.30, Tuesday 3rd November


University Place is on Oxford Road, building 37 on the Campus Map.

More Information

View the seminar poster for further details.  (PDF will open in new window)


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