LuCiD Seminar Series

Below are the details for the upcoming series.  Abstract, titles and venue (room) details will be updated nearer the time of each seminar. All seminars are FREE to attend, no booking required (for online seminar access, just drop Helen an email).

2020/21 Seminars

Venue: Online
Title: Speech Sound Development and Disorders: Cross-linguistic and bilingual considerations
Speaker: Dr Silke Fricke, University of Sheffield

Date: Tuesday 1st June 2021, 11am
Venue: Online
Title: The effectiveness of early language intervention
Speaker: Prof Charles Hulme, University of Oxford

Previous Seminars

Date: Tuesday 6th October 2020, 11am
Title: Virtual bargaining: The hidden logic of joint action and communication
Speaker: Prof Nick Chater, University of Warwick

Date: Tuesday 3rd November 2020, 11am
Title: Acquisition across languages and across cultures
Speaker: Dr Alex Cristia, CNRS Paris

Date: Tuesday 1st December 2020, 11am
Title: Stability and change in developmental language disorder: implications for practice
Speaker: Prof Courtenay Norbury, University College London

Date: Tuesday 12th January 2021, 4pm
Title: Retrieval-based word learning in children with developmental language disorder (DLD)
Speaker: Prof Laurence B. Leonard

Date: Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 11am
Venue: Online
Title: Noise and development: Infant attention in the middle of everything

Speaker: Dr Natasha Kirkham, Birkbeck

Date: Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 11am
Venue: Online
Title: How does short-term syntactic priming lead to long-term language learning?
Speaker: Dr Kate Messenger, University of Warwick

If you have any suggestions or would like to give a seminar please contact Helen, our centre manager.

About our seminar series

Our Seminar Series invites language experts from across the world, as well as leading researchers from the Centre, to share their research. Seminars take place monthly during term time at one of our North West universities and cover a range of topics linked to language acquisition. They are open to anyone wishing to attend-  email Helen to be added to the mailing list. Following each seminar, there is usually opportunity to discuss ideas with the speaker over an informal lunch.

Past Seminars