LuCiD Seminar Series

The LuCiD Seminar Series invites language experts from across the world, as well as leading researchers from the Centre, to share their research. Seminars take place monthly during term time at one of our North West universities and cover a range of topics linked to language acquisition. They are open to anyone wishing to attend-  email Mickie to be added to the mailing list. Following each seminar, there is usually opportunity to discuss ideas with the speaker over an informal lunch.

A LuCiD seminar

2018/19 Seminars

Below are the preliminary details for the upcoming series. Abstract, titles and venue (room) details will be updated nearer the time of each seminar. 

Date: Tuesday 2nd April
Venue:  Lecture Theatre 3, South Campus Teaching Hub, University of Liverpool (Building 120, square E2 on the Campus Map)
Title: TBC
Speaker: Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Birkbeck

Date: Tuesday 7th May
Venue: Lancaster University
Title: The role of input, intake, and learning biases in the acquisition of (morpho-)syntax
Speaker: Dr Jennifer Culbertson, University of Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 4th June
Venue: University of Manchester
Title: Pragmatic Development: How children learn to use language for social communication
Speaker: Dr Danielle Matthews, University of Sheffield

Past seminars

Date: Tuesday 2nd October   
Venue: University of Liverpool
Title: The role of prediction in language acquisition
Speaker: Dr Hugh Rabagliati, University of Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 6th November
Venue: University of Manchester
Title:  The in(put) and out(put) of syntax acquisition
Speaker: Dr Perrine Brusini, University of Liverpool

Date: Tuesday 4th December
Venue: University of Liverpool
Title:  The role of register-specific words in early lexical development
Speaker: Dr Mits Ota, University of Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 15th January
Venue: Lancaster University
Title:  Vocabulary and comprehension: a two-way street
Speaker: Prof Kate CainLancaster University

Date: Tuesday 5th February
Venue: University of Manchester
Title:  Experience-dependent brain development as a way to understand systematicity in morphology acquisition
Speaker: Prof Gert Westermann, Lancaster University

Date: Tuesday 5th March
Venue: Brunner Lecture Theatre, Chemistry Building, University of Liverpool (Building 213, square G5 on the Campus Map)
Title: Developmental robotics for language learning, trust and theory of mind
Speaker: Prof Angelo Cangelosi, University of Manchester

If you have any suggestions or would like to give a seminar please contact Helen, our centre manager.

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