Travel Grants

LuCiD travel awards are available for early career researchers from the LuCiD network*, to spend time at an associated overseas institution  to gain new skills and forge new research collaborations. There will be two calls for applications per year, typically in January and June.

Award Recipients

Round 5

Recipient: Louah Sirri, Postdoctoral Researcher, Lancaster University
Hosts: Dr Alina Leminen, Cognitive Brain Research Unit, University of Helsinki
Duration: 3 weeks
Title: Neuroimaging techniques to probe language processing

Recipient: Andrew Jessop, PhD Student, University of Liverpool
Hosts: Prof Evan Kidd, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Language Development Department
Duration: 1 month
Title: Computational modelling of relative clause processing

Round 4

Recipient: Kirsty Dunn, Postdoctoral Researcher, Lancaster University
Hosts: Dr Sam Wass, University of East London and Dr Victoria Leong, University of Cambridge
Duration: 2 weeks
Title: Learning brand new ways to study infant social development

Recipient: Christian Kliesch, PhD Student, Lancaster University
Hosts: Prof Stefanie Hoehl, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig 
Duration: 3 months
Title: Structural information provided by ostensive signals

Round 3

Recipient: Rebecca Frost, Postdoctoral Researcher, Lancaster University
Host: Prof Morten Christiansen, Cornell University
Duration: 3 weeks (Oct 2016)
Title: Examining how diminutives assist language learning

Recipient: Charleen ListPhD Student, University of Liverpool
Host: Katharina Haberl, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Duration: 3 months (Oct - Dec 2016)
Title: Testing models of verb-marking errors 

Round 2

Recipient: Laura de Ruiter, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Manchester
Host: Prof Catherine Snow, Harvard University
Duration: 6 weeks (Oct - Nov 2016)
Title: The link between oral language development and later academic achievement

Recipient: Jamie Lingwood, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Liverpool
Host: Prof Elaine Reese, University of Otago
Duration: 1 month (February 2017)
Title: Shared book-reading promotes language development

Round 1

Recipient: Matt Hilton, PhD Student, Lancaster University
Host: Dr Nivedita Mani, Psychology of Language Research Group - Georg-Elias-Müller Institute for Psychology
Duration: 3 months (Sept - Nov 2015)
Title: The role of affect in early word learning

Recipient: Amy Bidgood, Research Associate, University of Liverpool
Host: Dr Evan Kidd, Australian National University
Duration: 1 month (March 2015)
Title: Investigating the role of symbolic play and gesture use in the development of language


*LuCiD Network = Anyone working on research linked to language and communicative development within a relevant department at one of the LuCiD North West universities (Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester).