Impact Strategy Group

It's important to us that LuCiD's research is beneficial to more than just the research community. We want to ensure that our research findings, knowledge and experience are shared with the various groups invested in child language development such as parents and caregivers, health and education professionals and policy makers, as well as researchers.

Our Impact Strategy Group ensures that the potential of our research is fully realised and communicated for all user groups. The Group consists of our seven impact champions and the Centre Management Team. The Group is chaired by LuCiD Co-Director, Padraic Monaghan.

Impact Champions

Our Impact Champions have committed to work with LuCiD to plan and deliver our impact strategy. They represent the interests of, and act as an access point to, the Centre’s user groups:

Jean Gross, CBE (Early years education consultant, CANparent champion, member of the All Party Parliamentary Group: Conception to Age 2) takes our research directly to policy-makers, and represent policy-makers, families and the 3rd sector organisations who support them. 

Wendy Lee  (Independent Consultant), supports development of our impact strategy using her expertise in translating evidence into practice. 

Simone Lewenden & Lesley Munro (Pearson Clinical Assessment) take our research to, and represent publishers, businesses and those who use healthcare/education assessments. They also advise on marketing and commercialisation of the technology projects.

Menaka Munro  (Learning Manager, Manchester Museums & Galleries Group) takes our research to families and the wider public, and will help design and steer the public outreach programme.

Dr Emma Pagnamenta (Research Manager, Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists) takes our research to, and represent the interests of, the healthcare profession responsible for delivering services to children and families.

Theresa Redmond (Lead Professional Advisor, The Communication Trust) 

Former Members

Lisa Morgan (Former Professional Director, The Communication Trust)

Dr Guy Deutscher (Author and Academic