Supporting families with shared reading activity in the home

This bundle contains resources for early years practitioners for supporting families with shared reading activities in the home. The resources were produced by researchers at the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds as part of a continuing professional development seminar that was hosted by the University of Sheffield. The seminar was held as part of an ESRC funded project How to promote children's language development using family-based shared book reading with young children, which ran from 2015 to 2018. The resources are grouped into five sections:

Why some parents won't read with their children; Barriers and motivations to shared reading activity and interventions

Using shared book reading to enhance child language: Findings from home-based reading interventions with infants and four-year-olds

The benefits of dialogic book reading in early years settings

Shared reading: Its impact on a) phonological awareness and b) children with language impairment

Additional resources provided by project partner, The Reader Organisation