The Language 0-5 Project

The Language 0-5 Project follows 80 English-learning children from 6 months to 5 years of age to build a comprehensive picture of language development from the very beginning through to school readiness.

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We will collect a detailed longitudinal corpus of naturalistic, experimental, questionnaire and standardised measures of cognitive, socio-cognitive and linguistic development.

This will enable us to develop detailed explanations of the way in which children’s language-learning mechanisms interact with changes in their knowledge and processing abilities over the course of development.

It will also enable us to determine the way in which a child’s family circumstances affect language development, and deliver practical, evidence-based advice about the determinants of poor language growth.

For example, vocabulary size at age 5 years is a significant predictor of whether children who experience social deprivation are able to ‘buck the trend’ and escape poverty in later life. Yet 5 year olds from the poorest families are still 19 months behind their most affluent peers in vocabulary development.

We will combine experimental work on segmentation and word-learning with measures of vocabulary development, processing ability and the richness of the language-learning environment to determine why some children learn words more slowly than others.

This will allow us to build a comprehensive model of the factors responsible for variation in vocabulary size by age 5 years and investigate the extent to which individual differences in working memory capacity and processing speed are themselves a product of variation in the richness of the language to which children are exposed.

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Project Team: Caroline Rowland (Lead), Amy BidgoodSamantha DurrantPaula McLaughlinMichelle Peter, Julian Pine and Heather Turnbull

Start Date: September 2014

Duration: 5 years