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Monaghan, P. & Rebuschat, P. (2016). Aligning implicit learning and statistical learning: Two approaches, one phenomenon. Symposium presented at The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Philadelphia: USA.

Monaghan, P. and Rowland, C. F. (2016). Combining Language Corpora With Experimental and Computational Approaches for Language Acquisition Research. Language Learning. doi:10.1111/lang.12221

Monaghan, P. (2017). Canalization of Language Structure From Environmental Constraints: A Computational Model of Word Learning From Multiple Cues. Topics in Cognitive Science, 9: 21–34.

Kirjavainen, M., Lieven, E. V. M. and Theakston, A. L. (2016). Can Infinitival to Omissions and Provisions Be Primed? An Experimental Investigation Into the Role of Constructional Competition in Infinitival to Omission Errors Cognitive Science. doi:10.1111/cogs.12407

Lieven, E. (2016). Usage-based approaches to language development: Where do we go from here? Language and Cognition, 8(3), pp. 346–368

Lloyd-Kelly, M., Gobet, F. & Lane, P. (2015). Be-Bop-A-Lula: A CHREST model of infant word segmentation. Poster presented at the Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar, Lancaster University. Lancaster: UK.

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Kangatharan, J., Uther, M. & Gobet, F. (2016). Native and non native listeners’ speech comprehension performance under adverse listening conditions. Proceedings of New Sounds Conference. Aarhus, Denmark: New Sounds.

Lloyd-Kelly, M., Gobet, F., & Lane, P.C.R. (2016). Under pressure: How time-limited cognition explains statistical learning by 8-month old infants. Papafragou, A., Grodner, D., Mirman, D., & Trueswell, J.C. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

Freudenthal, D., Pine, J. M. & Gobet, F. (2016). Incorporating defaulting effects into MOSAIC: Building a two-factor model of the Optional Infinitive stage. Paper presented at the the 2nd LuCiD Language and Communicative Development Conference, Manchester, UK.

Engelmann, F., Szreder, M., Kolak, J., Granlund, S., Ambridge, B., Pine, J., Theakston, A., & Lieven, E. (2016). Modelling the acquisition of Polish verb inflection. Paper presented at the the 2nd LuCiD Language and Communicative Development Conference, Manchester, UK.

Lawson, R., Chang, F., & Wills, A. (2017). Free classification of large sets of everyday objects is more thematic than taxonomic. Acta Psychologia, 172, 26-40