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Durrant, S., Delle Luche, C., Cattani, A., Floccia, C. (2015). Monodialectal and multidialectal infants' representation of familiar words. Journal of Child Language, 42(2), 447-465.

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Monaghan, P., Rebuschat, P. (2019). Aligning implicit learning and statistical learning: Two approaches, one phenomenon. (2) Topics in Cognitive Science, (in press) Available here: http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/publications/-(ca5c4fa3-bea1-4466-b27b-20059ef83226).html

Monaghan, P., Schoetensack, C., Rebuschat, P (2019). A single paradigm for implicit and statistical learning. Topics in Cognitive Science, in press available here: https://eprints.lancs.ac.uk/id/eprint/134851/1/monaghan_schoetensack_rebuschat_19_topics.pdf

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Chang, K. C., Westermann, G. (2018). Labels in infants' object categorization: Facilitative, or merely non-disruptive?. Poster presented at the 21st Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Philadelphia, USA.

Rowland, C. F. (2018). Listening to children: New perspectives on the brain and on language from studies on language development. Invited talk at Max Planck Society Senate.