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Stoll, S., & Lieven, E. (2014). Studying language acquisition crosslinguistically. In Winskel, H., & Padakannaya, P. (Eds,), Handbook of Asian and Southeast Asian Psycholinguistics (pp 19 -35). Cambridge: CUP.

Lieven, E. (2014). First language learning from a usage-based approach. In Herbst, T., Schmid, H. J., & Faulhaber, S. (Eds.) Constructions, Collocations, Patterns (pp. 9 - 32). Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter Mouton.

Parise, E., Csibra, G., & Reid, V. (2014). Neural responses to multimodal ostensive signals in 5-month-old infants. Poster presented at the ICIS – International Conference on Infancy Studies Biennial Meeting, Berlin, Germany

Parise, E., Csibra, G., Reid, V. (2014). Infant directed speech and direct eye contact share common neural basis in 5-month-old infants. (1) Poster presented at DUCOG - Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Development, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Goyet, L., Sirri, L., & Rämä, P. (2014). ERP modulations in mono- and bilingual children: is the N400-like effect language dependent? Poster presented at the VI Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science “Language and Conceptual Development”, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Linnert, S., Parise, E., Toth, B., Kiraly, I., Reid, V. (2014). Alpha-band oscillations in infants related to memory processes. Poster presented at the BCCCD - Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, Budapest, Hungary.

Twomey, K., Morse, A., Cangelosi, A., Horst, J. (2014). Competition affects word learning in a developmental robotic system. In G. Westermann, P. Monaghan, K. E. Twomey & A. Smith (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW14). World Scientific.

Sirri, L., & Rämä, P. (2014). SOA-dependent N400 priming effect in 18-month-old monolingual children. Poster presented at the XIX Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Berlin, Germany.

Parise, E., Csibra, G., Reid, V. (2014). Lables and pictures co-refer to object categories in adults and 9-month-old infants. Paper presented at the Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, Budapest, Hungary.

Westermann, G. and Twomey, K. (2014). Some thoughts on curiosity in infants and neural network models. Paper presented at the 1st Interdisciplinary Symposium on Information-Seeking, Curiosity and Attention (Neurocuriosity 2014). Bordeaux, France

Christopher, A. E., Just, J., Meints, K., Rowland, C., & Alcock, K. J. (2013). Adaptation and validation of the MacArthur-Bates CDI Gesture Scale for the UK. Paper presented at British Psychological Society, Developmental and Social Sections Conference, Reading, United Kingdom.

Rämä, P., Sirri, L., & Serres, J. (2013). Development of lexical-semantic language system: N400 priming effect for spoken words in 18- and 24-month old children. Brain and Language, 125(1), 1-10.