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Schmerse, D., Lieven, E. and Tomasello, M. (2015). Young children use shared experience to interpret definite reference. Journal of Child Language, 42(5), pp. 1146–1157.

Anna Theakston & Stacey McKnight & Elena Lieven. (2015). My do it! Explanations for children’s case marking errors in English. Invited Syposium at the Developmental Section conference of the British Psychological Society, Manchester, UK

Peter, M. (2015). The role of the verb in the development of syntax: evidence from the structural priming paradigm. PhD thesis, University of Liverpool.

Vihman, V., Lieven, E., & Theakston, A. (2015). Practice with pronouns: acquisition of differential object case-marking. Poster presented at Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, USA.

Theakston, A. (2015). Discussant: Building realistic models of language development workshop Manchester, UK.

Koymen, B., Lieven, E., Brandt, S. (2015). Syntactic and semantic coordination in finite complement-clause constructions: a diary-based case study Journal of Child Language 43, 1, 22-42

Michelle Davis, Thea Cameron-Faulkner,& Anna Theakston (2015). Exploring patterns in tag question production: A multiple correspondence analysis of form and function. Paper presented at the Child Language Symposium, Warwick, UK

Ambridge, B. (2015). Summer Babies. Interview with BBC 5Live

Vihman, V., Lieven, E. & Theakston, A. (2015). Practice with pronouns: Acquisition of differential object case-marking in Estonian. Paper presented at the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) annual conference, London, UK.

Ambridge, B., Lieven, E., (2015). A Constructivist Account of Child Language Acquisition In The Handbook of Language Emergence, (eds B. MacWhinney and W. O'Grady), John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Hoboken, NJ, USA. pp478-510

Lloyd-Kelly, M., Gobet, F. & Lane, P. (2015). Be-Bop-A-Lula: A CHREST model of infant word segmentation. Poster presented at the Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar, Lancaster University. Lancaster: UK.

Virve Vihman, Elena Lieven, & Anna Theakston. (2015). Something from nothing: What do children learn from omitted arguments in the input? Paper presented at the Child Language Symposium, Warwick, UK