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A bit about Anna Theakston

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Nottingham, before moving to the University of Manchester to work on two ESRC-funded projects investigating early language development in children between the ages of 2-3 years. I was awarded my Ph.D. based on this work in 1999. I then spent a short period coordinating the then newly established Manchester-based Max Planck Child Study Centre, funded by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig. In 2000 I was appointed to a Lectureship at the University of Manchester where I am currently a Professor. Full details of my research interests, publications etc. can be found on my University profile page or you can read about one of my projects, on the acquisition of the English past tense on LuCiD's affiliated projects page.  As well as conducting research into children’s language acquisition, I have teaching responsibilities for undergraduate Developmental Psychology and administrative responsibilities for postgraduate research students as Psychology pathway lead within the North West Doctoral Training College. 

My role in LuCiD

I am Co-Director of the ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD). I lead the Communication Theme within the Centre, focussed on discovering how children learn to use language structure to communicate effectively. In addition, I lead two separate projects; The role of visual preferences in later language learning (Environment theme), and The acquisition of tag questions (Communication theme), and collaborate on many others.

LuCiD publications (13) by Anna Theakston

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Kirjavainen, M., Lieven, E. V. M. and Theakston, A. L. (2016). Can Infinitival to Omissions and Provisions Be Primed? An Experimental Investigation Into the Role of Constructional Competition in Infinitival to Omission Errors Cognitive Science. doi:10.1111/cogs.12407

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